Monday, December 5, 2011

You Choose

This semester has been a challange for me I know I havent improved very much and havent been in school that much, but I think that's life and everyone has to go through something.I just have to work harder next semester and set goals for myself .Even though I didnt improved I have learned alot and understand what I need to work on for spring classes.

Readings 9-11

In chapter 9 it talks about upper body lower body conectivity and I know sometimes I forget to put them together so sometimes it can make amove harder and gives it a different look also, hip hiking is also something I do especially when I'm in pase.

Imagery in Dance

Anytime that I have to do a grande jete I like to think of going up and over a hill so I can try to make it look like im going up and over when I jump and I think of a split on the floor so im able to do a split in the air.

Youtube challenge

At first I was watching the dancers with the music they orignially dance to but it got boring to me and I turned down their music and put on my own and it was actually quite intresting and I enjoyed it. When watching the dancers walk and run while transtioning into something else im noticing that their pelivs is getting them there and not stuck in one spot because its forward and not back.

Yeilding,Push,Reach and Pull

I want to say I yeild and push more so then I reach and pull because alot of times I catch myself stoping my movement or noticing that I have more then what I'm giving.

Readings 5-8

Breath brings life and movement and makes you move with more fluidity and ease.That's one thing I notice I don't do when I dance which is breathe. So if i would just breathe when I dance I wont look stiff and things should be easier. In the book it also talks about your core and thats another major thing I need to work on like getting it stronger and also know when my core initiate something which always the hardest for me to do.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre

The Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre were amazing I enjoyed watching them. It was a diverse cast with amazing talent. The dancers did a lot of walking and running in the dances which was great because sometimes you forget that walking and running is also apart of dance you don't always have to be doing a "dance step". You could see dancers personalities coming through as they were dancing . Partnering wasn't only just done with a girl and a guy but boy boy girl girl and also girls were lifting guys. Also, I realize that for more then half of the show the wings were up and you were able to see the dancers as they left the stage and waited to dance and they were still in character just quietly standing waiting to go back on.It was nice to see this company dance sometimes you get caught up in the big companies and forget that there are small companies just as good.